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Reasons to Book Direct

Best Price Guaranteed. We 100% Guarantee you will not find our rooms cheaper anywhere else so you can book with confidence that you are getting the best deal available.

Our cancellation terms are more attractive than online booking agents with 10 days free cancellation (normally 14 days). Please see our terms.

Cut out the Middleman! By booking direct this saves us on commission costs which helps us keep our prices down by reducing our outgoing costs. Part of this saving is passed on direct to you making our direct tariff cheaper.

You deal with us! You speak to us! No call centres here! When you book direct, you deal with us. If you need to cancel, you deal with us. If you need to amend your booking, you deal with us!

You are supporting a small business and in turn, we pass this support on to other small businesses such as our Greengrocer, Laundry Services, Butcher, Staff, etc.

And Finally!

It is only possible to book our delicious breakfast by booking direct. Bed & Breakfast rates are only available by booking direct via telephone, our website, facebook or email.

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